Musabaqat e Hifzil Maraasi (By: Toloba International}

Musabaqat e Hifzil Maraasi (By: Toloba International}:

Salaam e jazeel,

Musabaqat ul Hifzil Maraasi (Organized by: Toloba International} 

3500 Zakereen appeared worldwide in this Musabaqat, out of which Six students from HSB Nagpur got selected in the final round of top 70. 

Out of them "Taher Mustafa Bhai Tambawala" (Batch 2019-20) got 2nd Prize. He has been awarded with Karbala Moalla Ziyarat Sharaf.

  • Centre:MSB Nagpur
  • Date:17 Aug,2020

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